Posters and Demos Instructions

Posters and Demos Instructions

The poster and demo session will take place on Monday 21st March evening together with a reception.

Posters will be displayed on rigid panels 1 meter (width) x 2 meters (height). Therefore, the maximum poster size is A0 (, i.e. 841 mm (width) x 1189 mm (height).

You are asked to bring your printed poster at the ECIR 2016 registration desk not later than Monday 21st March at lunch time. The ECIR 2016 organization will take care of attaching it to the panels and you will find it ready by the beginning of the poster and demon session in the evening.

At the beginning of the poster and demo session, there will be a "booster session" where each presenter of a poster or a demo will be given 1 minute to present their poster/demo and raise audience interest on it.

The slides for the "booster session" must be prepared ahead and submitted to ECIR 2016 organization no later than:

  • 18 March 2016 (HARD DEADLINE)

in order to allow us to prepare a single file for the whole session. Slides received after the deadline above will be ignored and will not participate in the booster session.

Slides must be in PDF format and maximum 2 slides are allowed (a title page slide and a content slide). Please use the same title you used when you submitted your short paper/demo.

Slides have to be submitted using the ECIR 2016 Easychair system:

When you select "New Submission", you will be automatically sent to the "Demo and Poster Booster Session" track where you can upload a single PDF containing your slides.