Call for Workshops

Workshop Proposals

We cordially invite you to submit proposals for one-day or half-day workshops to be run on the first day of the ECIR 2016 conference, the 20th of March 2016.
ECIR workshops provide a platform for presenting novel ideas in a less formal and possibly more focused way than the main conference. We therefore expect that the workshops offer a common forum to engage and encourage researchers, especially PhD students and early career researchers, to present and discuss their work, and obtain valuable feedback in an interactive, supportive and friendly environment.

The format of each workshop is to be determined by the workshop organisers. Workshops are encouraged to be as dynamic and interactive as possible and should lead to a concrete outcome, such as the publication of a summary paper and/or workshop proceedings.
Researchers and practitioners from all areas of the information retrieval community are invited to submit proposals for review. The organisers of approved workshops are expected to define the focus of the workshop, gather and review submissions, and decide upon its content. The organisers are also responsible for selecting the channels for publishing the workshop proceedings.

Submission Guidelines

Proposals should be a maximum of 6 pages in length and contain the following information:
  1. Title and abstract of the workshop;
  2. Background, motivation, and relevance to ECIR;
  3. Workshop goals/objectives coupled with desired outcomes;
  4. Format/structure of the workshop (planned activities and a tentative schedule of events);
  5. Intended audience, the selection process for participants, whether it will be a full day or half day workshop, and what resources are required;
  6. If the workshop is related to or follows on from another workshop (if the workshop has been held previously at ECIR or another conference, then the organisers should indicate this and describe briefly past attendance and outcomes, and why another workshop is needed);
  7. Short biographies of the organisers;
  8. Any other relevant information to support your proposal (e.g., programme committee, list of invited speakers, overall vision/approach etc.).

Submission Instructions

Workshop proposals must be written in English. Proposals should be submitted in PDF format via EasyChair in the “Workshop Proposal” Track.
Submission instructions are available here: Submission instructions

The submissions will be reviewed by senior members of the Information Retrieval research community. Organisers of accepted workshops will be invited to submit a brief description of the workshop for inclusion in the ECIR 2016 conference proceedings.

Workshop Chairs
Paul Clough, University of Sheffield, UK
Gabriella Pasi, University of Milano Bicocca, Italy