Social Events

Welcome Reception

Sunday, 20 March 2016, Geoscience Department

The Welcome Reception is going to be hosted in the Geoscience Department starting from 18:00 (6pm); in the evening we leave the accuracy of the science to enter in the merry environment of a little country festival.

Italy, in fact, during spring and summer is full of country festivals hosted almost in each village of the city countryside, where people dance, drink and eat typical food, above all. We can't bring you in a country festival, but we want to bring that atmosphere here, in the Department of Geosciences, offering you a welcome happy hour with, moreover, “porchetta” (Italian spit-roasted pork) and draft beer.

Poster Session and Reception

Monday, 21 March 2016, Caffè Pedrocchi, Sala Rossini

The poster session and the reception will be held at Cafè Pedrocchi. We give you the opportunity to know one of the most important historical cafès, also known as “the Café with no doors” thanks to its very long-lasting opening hours and to its particular entrance: until 1916 it was open day and night and its layout featured an open arcade originally with no glass walls, a sort of “gallery” in the town centre.

On the upper floor rooms and halls are decorated according to different themes and is now housed the Museum of the Risorgimento and Contemporary Time. The idea of the cafè was born in 1816 when Antonio Pedrocchi, the son of a coffee maker from Bergamo, commissioned to the well-known Venetian architect Giuseppe Jappelli the extension of the little café he had inherited from his father. The new building, which was to be the “most beautiful Café on earth” keeping a mixture of neoclassic and neo-Gothic styles, was inaugurated in 1831 and then sided in 1836 by the Pedrocchino, an elegant neo-Gothic building hosting the pastry shop.

Since its opening, the café welcomes eminent guests such as writer Stendhal, who named its desserts as some of the best he ever tried, as well as students who always spent hours in the reading room discussing all sorts of matters, sometimes producing innovative ideas, sometimes the revolution, as they did in 1848 during Asburgic domination.

Here, in the “Rossini room”, dedicated to the composer Rossini, after the Poster session, we are going to be greeted with the typical Italian wine “Prosecco” and a very good dinner with Italian cheeses, cured meats, shellfish... and so on.

Social Dinner

Tuesday, 22 March 2016, "San Gaetano" Cultural Centre

For the social dinner, let’s jump trough centuries: from the oldest “cultural centre” of the city, Palazzo Bo, to the more modern one, “San Gaetano” Cultural Centre, built in 2008 renovating the old city courthouse.

The Cultural Centre is a modern five-storeyed structure, which preserves ancient signs of old city: The excavation made in order to create the basement places revealed late medieval pavements and a considerable amount of archaeological findings stratified from the Renaissance back to the Roman age, partially visible in the foyer.

The dinner will be hosted in the area of the cloister, previously occupied by the Hall of the Assizes, a big covered square where the attention is drawn onto the wing by Scamozzi on the northern side of the cloister. But the core of the evening is the dinner, obviously! The social dinner will be prepared by one of the best caterers in town and will give you the opportunity to taste the best Italian ingredients, dishes, wines and grappa.